The author in question is a stay at home dad who wishes sometimes that he could be back at the office.

Because believe you me, staying at home while trying to bring in the bucks that will see to my brood’s college tuition in the not-too-distant future and my oldest daughter’s (first) wedding is not always a game for the faint of heart. The thing is this; two of my boys are quite a handful. One is eight and the other is ten, going on two.

The way he behaves sometimes, he may as well be. Between you and me, sometimes I think he takes after his mother, and that worries me sometimes too. But never you mind that, I try to bring my boys up with the realities of life, trying always to toughen them up a bit for the real world with the notion that cowboys don’t cry.  But don’t you worry; I’m not at all trying to bring them up to be some red-neck type of crew all ignorant like and with little or no respect for self and others.

Depending on how you view things, your sense of humor and your outlook on life, well, you can just call me Dad.

That’s what my boys and eldest child call me anyhow. I won’t tell you what the old girl calls me, especially at night when we think the kids have all gone off to sleep. And neither are you lot going to read what me and she get up to during our precious private time together. That’s strictly for adults only. And this personal blog is all about what got me into this joyful mess in the first place.

Like I hinted at earlier, bringing up kids in this day and age ain’t ever going to be easy. So, that being said, the main theme of this blog is what it’s like being a dad. I’ll be sharing with you some of the joys and pains of being a modern day father. I’m not an expert by any means, nor am I a jack of all trades. So, if you have four more kids of your own, you might know what I’m leading onto here. In this day and age, one kid is considered by many professional moms and dads to be quite enough, thank you very much.

Anyway, if some of my posts lead you to have a Eureka moment in the sense that you say; ah, why didn’t I think of that, then maybe I’m doing alright as a father. Maybe I’m also doing good by you in leaving you with some innovative and useful child-rearing tips. I like to think that part of my good work, going forward, comes down to my profession as a full-time blogger and feature writer. My wife and I decided some years ago that I could take a turn at staying home for a change.

I guess I’m brave then. I was reluctant at first, but decided to give it a crack. My wife’s work doesn’t allow for the same amount of flexibility as mine does. Anyway guys, I’m sure we’ll have loads of fun, not just talking about our kids, but things that we all have a common interest in, guys stuff mainly.

Guys, enjoy the ride with us.