My Health Habits


In this standard length blog post I am going to roll up my sleeves and get right to work. I would love to fill you up with as much encouragement as possible. Since I first began this blog, I have been enjoying myself immensely. Judging by some of the early comments for which I thank you, it appears that many of you may be enjoying your reading as well. That is encouraging news. Remember, I did tell you that I only enjoy good news, going forward.

I had this thought just a moment ago. I am quietly confident that I have been doing good deeds thus far. I am not looking for praise in a self-centered sort of way. Did I tell you how it makes me feel to be around my kids? I did suggest, earlier, that the healthy path towards happiness can be made all the more pleasurable when fathers share their physical and emotional lives with their children. I enjoy feeling good inside when I see that the kids are happy, healthy, well-adjusted and confident. I would like to experience this sensation more with my adult peers. Just so I know that you are making progress, don’t you want to spur me on with another note or two of encouragement. But you need not thank me. It was really a pleasure.

A quick quiz on smoothies

If this were a movie script for the science fiction or comic book genre, we could rebrand this sub-heading, the rise of the smoothie. What a fascinating world and knowledge empowering exercise this turned out to be for me when I first started looking into smoothies and eating plans, all new, healthy and filled with natural goodness. No longer in its infancy, in fact it’s been around for many years already, but smoothie making and drinking is still very much a fad (I hope that is the right word).

This is because today, thousands more people, including myself, from around the world, are still discovering and experiencing its immense health benefits and original taste sensations. And what better opportunity for you to educate your children by teaching them what each smoothie ingredient, mostly made up of vegetables, fruits and herbs, does for their little bodies, minds, and souls.

Putting together your first eating plan

After cleaning out cupboards and refrigerators for once and for all, you are just about ready to write the first page for your new eating plans, going forward. Those of you who have been accustomed to everything that was perceptively quick and easy before need not be fearful of this new culinary paradigm shift. There are many pleasant surprises ahead of you. The biggest surprise for many of you will be the first sensations of experiencing just how much more tasty your new food is than the junk that you’ve just pitched out.

Don’t forget to pack the kids’ lunches and take them to soccer practice

Part of being a good, healthy father means always taking good care of your children. Don’t leave it up to the mothers to do everything. Immerse yourself and involve yourself in your kids’ eating requirements. Teach them to play with their food in a healthy sort of way. Always mind what they eat and even be mindful of the portions you pack into their lunch tins. While you are demonstrating to them what each apple or tomato or slice of gluten-free whole wheat bread does for them, teach them about the organic life. In fact, if you already have some yard space, turn it into an organic garden. And for the little boy or girl’s next birthday, buy him or her, their own little gardening set.

One final word on how to manage your health and fitness requirements

Please do not forget to restrain yourself and focus on enjoying your new, healthy life more. Remember, your life, your mature health and fitness requirements, and the life and health of your growing children depend on this wholesome and positive attitude. Perhaps I will be accused in some circles of being old-fashioned or chauvinistic, but then again, I believe that most men, healthy or not, will agree. Just remember that you are still the man of the house.

If you are fortunate enough to be in a good marriage like I am, I am sure that your wife will appreciate and love you that much more when you start to take ownership of the entire family’s healthy life, right down to the dog and cat. Yes, even health and fitness for pets is important.  Think what caring for the family’s pets does for the children. You are already giving them early opportunities to practice good parenting.

I rarely get the occasion to do this all by myself, but taking my soft-hearted Labrador for a walk around the neighborhood is not just a healthy exercise, it’s a peaceful one too. I’d like to wish you well for the weeks ahead in the sincere hope that I will be talking to you soon.