Me and My Kids


I think I’m allowed to speak from personal experience now. Two of my kids are just about grown up. The remaining two have inches to go before they reach the critical phase of young adulthood. Speaking from experience, if you’re focused enough to set aside all the excitement and emotions of the occasion, from the moment your first child is all nicely dressed and tucked in comfortably after your wife has given birth to her (or him) she starts widening her searching blue eyes the moment you show up.


If she could talk at this moment she would cheerfully be saying; hi, dad. She would be so happy to see you because, finally, her hero, her very own real, live action man is in her town. Sometimes, as the kids grow older, they start to cry out of disappointment. Perhaps you haven’t been showing up on time or as regularly as you used to. She keeps a busy schedule just as much as you seem to do, so what her disappointment may be trying to tell you is that you, yes, you, need to make more time for your one and only.

You also need to learn to move your body a lot more. This part is not so easy. Guys that are close to my middle age should know what I’m talking about. I mean, it seems ridiculous really. Most guys are leaving getting married and having kids to a much later age. And that in itself has turned out to be quite a smart thing to do. I mean, when you’re my oldest kids’ age, you really don’t have much to go on with, unless you don’t mind living as paupers.

Paupers are poor folks, by the way. Sorry if it sounded as though I was being pretentious but the English vocabulary just stretches on and on and on. A recent movie I was watching on TV reminded me of this nice touch to production notes. Yep, that was it. It was one of those lame TV remakes of the original The Crow where off set the legendary kung fu master, Bruce Lee’s own son, Brandon, also died suddenly and mysteriously.

Anyway, there was a scene in the movie where the remodeled crow-man with pretty poor make up on his face and all was flipping through confidential police reports over his wrongful arrest. Most of us can read pretty clearly what’s on that report as the camera angles in on it. But for the benefit of those who can’t read, the actor always repeats those very same words we just read. Man, I love how so many people take care of the little guy, really I do.

Amazing how conversations take a turn. Anyway, I was referring to the irony of getting married at a more mature age. The irony is that while your heart might just be willing, both your rational mind and weakening middle-aged body is not so willing to go romping about with the kids. This, my friends, is a lot more difficult than it even looks. And the older you seem to get, the stronger these small, growing pints seem to get.

But, guys do your best anyhow. The more you try to keep up with them without killing yourself, the more they will notice your valiant efforts and appreciate you more for it. Believe me, I know. Been in that place. It’s nice.