Me and My Kids


Howzit, kids!

You’ve managed to gain access to your dad’s workstation and then access his internet password. You’ve hacked yourself in without much hassle. If you didn’t teach yourself how at your own steam at home, then someone, usually one of the geeks at the science lab, managed to show you how in layman’s terms. It was easy, no. you might be wondering why your folks have spent hours, if not weeks trying to figure out how to do things quickly and easily like you do.

Cute baby boy with black laptop on white carpet

I was going to suggest congratulations to you for managing to access your dad’s personal computer account, but I won’t and I can’t. You see, I’m on your dad’s side, and by the way, what you are doing (or did) is so not on. Elsewhere, on another account, you could get locked up for a long time. Not only are such activities illegal elsewhere, here, it is just so not cool. So, for future reference, no matter what you suspect about your old man, particularly if you think he’s been acting strangely or withholding your pocket money, stay out of his business.

I’m in solidarity with your dad, so if you think I’m being harsh to you here, you should come on over and see how I’ve handled my kids in the past. Yep, that caught you off guard, didn’t it? Thought no-one was looking. Old dogs can learn new tricks. Sometimes, being old school has its advantages in terms of being resourceful, efficient and quick-witted with a sense of wisdom and a ladle of rational thinking. Cool, calm and collected is how I approached my thoughts to this post.

happy modern family using computer together at home

Now, no-one can accuse me of not being funky or cool. Anyone who has been reading some of my posts should appreciate that if they don’t believe I’m the real deal as far as modern dads are concerned, then they should appreciate that I’ve been trying my best to be cool. But, here’s the thing guys, I’ve been chatting to your dad, so if you don’t think I’m cool, well, that’s your problem; you had no business being here in the first place.

What’s that thing you guys do sometimes? It still makes no sense to me and I still think it’s ridiculous. You bump into each other’s shoulders, fake-hug each other and then knock your knuckles together as if you were about to give a play-play sucker punch. And then you say; respect. Good that you do that then I suppose. Now that I have your attention, please stand to attention until I tell you to rest easy. On the subject of respect; respect is your father’s middle name.

Treat him accordingly. And when you do see him struggling to adapt to something techie that took you two minutes to figure out, please give him a hand willingly. Don’t be reluctant about anything. Doing things for your dad reluctantly, you may as well not do it at all then. Help the old man with the chores around the house. Don’t take your folks for granted as your proverbial house servants. Speak well of them always and give them their space too.

After all, they’ve been doing this long enough for you already, haven’t they. Respect. Stand easy.