Me and My Kids, Outdoor Fun


Great! Guys, it’s getting warmer around these parts. And you know what that means don’t you. It means a whole lot more time outdoors doing outdoorsy stuff that we all enjoy doing. I look forward to the boys tagging along with me too.

Escursionista in montagna

What’s great about having them about me every weekend is that we never do the same things twice, like go to the museum or aquarium out along the east coast. Such is their nature, these kids quickly get bored.

And so do I. so, yeah, one weekend we’ll head off to the city and go to one or two museums. Then the next weekend we’ll take a long drive to the coast. It’s a long, long drive, by the way, so for this we have to get up at the crack of dawn. On these trips, it’s a good idea that my wife tags along. That way I can focus on my driving, especially when those boys start to get restless in the back of the truck. Otherwise, we take our walks to our favorite parks and baseball pitches or go down to the bowling alley to try and teach the boys once again how to roll a ball like a pro.

And then we just like to stay at home just like good old fashioned cowboys. But stay inside? Not at this time of the year. Pass by our front lawn one weekend and you’ll likely see us skillfully dribbling a plastic ball about. The real leather variation gets taken to the park. There’s not a snowball’s chance that I’m opening my wallet again to have another glazier come around to repair the broken window. Anyway, it is still great fun with a light-weight ball.

I’m proud to see how much my youngster’s ball control skills have improved. The other one, well he just sits on the steps of the porch, watching idly as though he was a disinterested spectator. What a pity. He’s not even around me when we’re out in the back of the house getting another weekend barbecue going. Rather than stand around cracking dirty jokes with his old man and brothers while the fire gets going, he’s in the kitchen helping his mother getting the salads ready.

Perhaps some good will come of my youngest child, after all. My wife tells me that for an eight year old he’s pretty useful in the kitchen. One time, at her behest, I reluctantly went down to the mall to buy him his very own apron. I can’t tell you what pattern was on the front of this beaming boy’s apron. Frankly, it’s just too embarrassing for me at this time. Well, all things being equal, perhaps we should start looking out for a good culinary school for this little one then.

Anyway, back to the great outdoors. One year we went camping. We were pretty close to the Canadian border. It was designed to be a weekend getaway just for the men of the house. I took all the boys along. My daughter was at college and my wife was probably running about naked now that she had the place all to herself. Well, at least that’s all she was up to I hope. These days, you never know. The heart is a complex mine.

I know, I’ve had those feelings too. But to be honest with you, I’d never like to see anything come between us. I love my wife that much. And my kids too. Now, this was precisely why I decided to take the boys out into the wild. It was to be a chance for all the men of the house to let everything out in the open. Say what’s on our minds without having to worry about what mom or sister would be thinking or saying. The exercise worked as well as it could. The boys, like their father, weren’t much good at opening up.

But at least there was enough silent bonding. That pleased me enough. Mind you, my youngest boy did have a list of questions he wanted to ask his daddy. Like; when are we going home daddy. Oh well, guys help me out here please.